Best Diet for Preventing Tooth Cavities

Best Diet for Preventing Tooth CavitiesYour diet can contribute to cavities or help prevent them. While good oral hygiene is also important, the foods you choose to eat or avoid have a major impact on your risk of suffering from tooth decay. Knowing how different foods affect this risk can help you keep your teeth healthy and looking good.

Problematic Foods for Teeth

Cavities occur because of erosive acids made by bacteria in the process of digesting sugar. This fact is essential to understanding which foods can harm your oral health. Whether it is processed and refined or occurring naturally in fruits or fruit juices, sugar directly feeds the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. Starches, such as bread, potatoes, and rice, are broken down into sugar by saliva. However, the effects of starches on cavity risk are minimal compared to that of sugars. When you do eat sugars or starches, you can brush to reduce your likelihood of developing cavities.

Beneficial Foods for Cavity Prevention

The best foods to eat for healthy teeth are whole foods containing a wide variety of nutrients. However, certain nutrients are especially important for preventing tooth decay. For example, calcium and vitamin D, found abundantly in dairy foods, are vital for strong enamel. Vitamin C, often found in fruits and vegetables, also supports strong teeth. Fluoride, a mineral contained in tea, strengthens teeth and helps the body repair enamel.

Getting enough calories is also important for healthy teeth, which deteriorate with a lack of calories just as muscles and fat stores do. Patients can schedule a consultation with our root canal dentist in Northridge to learn more about the best diet for avoiding tooth decay.

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