Dental Extraction Reseda

Dental Extraction ResedaTeeth that have extensive damage or decay should be treated to remain in the mouth, but treatment is not always possible. Furthermore, some teeth cause overcrowding, making them problematic for oral health. Dental extraction is often recommended to Reseda patients in these cases. Removing certain teeth can restore comfort and improve oral health, and tooth replacements can be used to avoid the problems associated with missing teeth. Below is a deeper look at when and how teeth are extracted and how they can be replaced.

Trauma, Decay, and Overcrowding

Teeth whose outer layers have been penetrated by decay or physical trauma often become infected, and the infections can spread to neighboring tissues and even the blood stream. Severe, throbbing pain is also associated with these infections. When teeth cause overcrowding, as many wisdom teeth do, other teeth may be pushed out of place, and braces may have limited efficacy. Performing dental extraction on these teeth is a sure way to help protect oral health.

How Teeth Are Extracted

Most normally situated teeth can simply be loosened and pulled out of their sockets, but certain teeth make a surgical approach necessary. Teeth that are positioned improperly, erupted incompletely, or lacking structure may have to be divided into pieces before being removed through incisions in the gums. Dental extraction is always performed under anesthesia, and sedation options are offered for eligible Reseda patients, so the procedure is nothing to worry about.

Replacing Extracted Teeth

Teeth can be replaced in a variety of ways in line with the goals of patients. For patients who want artificial teeth that look and perform as similarly to real teeth as possible, dental implants are the top choice. Bridges are another stationary option and do not necessarily require surgery. Finally, dentures offer a faster form of tooth replacement and are normally removable.

Dental extraction is sometimes more affordable than saving certain teeth, so some Reseda patients choose this option even when an alternative option, such as root canal, is possible. Replacement of extracted teeth can be done in several ways and is best performed promptly. At a consultation with Dr. Assili and Dr. Elyson, patients can learn more about when and how teeth are removed at our dentist office.

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