Dental Implants Northridge

Dental Implants NorthridgeIf you have missing teeth, you know that this condition can interfere with talking, chewing, and swallowing. Even more distressing, missing teeth make you want to hide your smile from the world, draining your self-confidence and self-image. What you may not know is that missing teeth can also cause health problems, such as jaw deformity and eventual shifting of your remaining teeth. Missing teeth should be dealt with as soon as possible, and our Northridge cosmetic dentist can help you choose the right treatment to put your smile back on track and begin enjoying life again.

If you choose to have implants, our specialist for dental implants in Northridge will discuss your options with you and help you understand the procedure and what to expect from implants. Implants are some of the best options for missing teeth due to their permanence and convenience.

Dental implants are devices which are made of durable materials, such as metals fused with porcelain, and fashioned to look exactly like your other teeth. They are virtually undetected in the mouth. Color, size, and configuration can be carefully crafted by our Northridge dental implants specialist to give you a very real, tooth-like appearance.


Northridge Dental Implants

Best of all, dental implants are very permanent solutions to tooth loss problems. This is because dental implants are attached directly to the jaw, unlike bridges or dentures. They will not come out, become loose, or bother you in any way after they are placed. Each dental implant is crafted individually to fit exactly in the space left by your missing teeth. Our specialist for dental implants in Northridge can even place multiple implants over a longer area of missing teeth.

Dental implants, placed by our Northridge dental implants expert, will give you support for your jaw and other teeth. They will allow you to eat, talk, and chew just as you normally would. Best of all, they will make your smile beautiful again, and give you self-confidence to face the world just as you did when your teeth were perfect.

Our Northridge dentist is ready to talk to you about the benefits of dental implants. Talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff today about your dental implant needs, and begin enjoying a new lease on life with your beautiful smile.          

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