Dental Sedation Canoga Park

Dental Sedation Canoga Park

For anxiety, dental phobia, movement disorders, and many other conditions, sedation can make dental care manageable. Different types of dental sedation are available to suit different needs and preferences. Here, you can see an overview of sedative options and what affects eligibility for these services.

Inhaled Sedation

The mildest type of dental sedation is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, and is administered to Canoga Park patients through a mask worn over the nose during treatment. The effects begin quickly and include strong relaxation and mild pain-killing properties. The effects also wear off quickly afterwards, allowing patients to drive themselves home safely if they choose to do so.

Oral Sedation

This sedation type is in the form of a pill, which must be taken a certain amount of time before treatment so that effects are present when they are required. While oral sedation does not offer the pain-killing effects that nitrous oxide does, its relaxing effects are more significant and can make some patients sleepy. Driving cannot be performed safely after oral sedation, so a ride home must be arranged.

IV Sedation

Intravascular sedation is the strongest dental sedation option. It is injected directly into a vein, causing major relaxation, and often drowsiness in patients. Canoga Park patients who choose IV sedation may not remember much of their treatment later. Effects of this option, like those of oral sedation, continue long after treatment to some degree, so a ride home has to be used for safety.

Eligibility for Sedation

Many patients are candidates for sedation, but some restrictions are in place to ensure safety. An exam and review of medical history is performed to determine candidacy. Conditions that may affect eligibility for sedation include respiratory problems, heart problems, sleep apnea, and allergies to the sedatives used.

Even when Canoga Park patients do not have any condition that makes treatment more difficult for them, they may find dental sedation beneficial for procedures that are very long or intensive, such as treatment of several teeth in one session. Our dentist can make suggestions for sedation in line with patient concerns. At a consultation, patients can learn more about sedation options and eligibility criteria.

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