Foods You Can Eat to Have Whiter Teeth

Foods You Can Eat to Have Whiter TeethRecommendations for keeping a whiter smile often center on foods and drinks to avoid. There is no doubt that coffee, wine, and many berries can stain teeth, but some other foods and drinks can actually help keep a smile looking brilliant. Here are the top foods to prevent and eliminate tooth stains.

Green Tea

This healthy beverage is kind to smiles in two important ways. In addition to its tannins, which fight oral bacteria that stick to teeth, green tea also has fluoride that maintains strong enamel.


Cheese is nutritious and has a high pH. The calcium in cheese helps the body maintain strong enamel, and the alkalinity of cheese helps prevent tooth erosion.


Unlike most other berries, strawberries fight tooth stains rather than cause them. This is because strawberries are rich in malic acid, which has enzymatic action that eats stains off of teeth.

Fresh Nuts and Fruits

Abrasion and juiciness help these foods prevent tooth stains. The abrasion of crunchy nuts and fruits literally grinds stains away while the juiciness of fruits boosts production of saliva, which fights bacteria and delivers minerals to teeth.

Dark Chocolate

Theobromine is partly responsible for the bitter flavor of cocoa, but it also boosts the strength of tooth enamel. This makes the teeth less prone to stains.

Including these foods and drinks in your diet may reduce your risk of needing teeth whitening. If you want to learn more about how to avoid tooth discoloration, you can schedule a consultation with our tooth whitening dentist in Northridge.

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