How Energy Drinks Affect the Teeth

How Energy Drinks Affect the TeethAll energy drinks can damage a person’s teeth. In fact, both teens and adults need to visit the dentist because of tooth enamel erosion. When a person consumes energy drinks regularly, the excess sugar can lead to negative consequences. Even those who brush and floss daily still have dental issues.

Energy drinks contain powerful enamel-eroding ingredients. Those who check the list of ingredients will often see citric acid, sugar and fruit juices listed. Some companies even use a potent chemical to make the drinks a bright fluorescent color. A single energy drink can contain more sugar than a person should have throughout the day.

A lot of young people love to consume energy drinks. Unfortunately, most of these people are unaware of the serious dental consequences that can result. Those who have energy drinks regularly are giving their teeth an acid bath. Tooth enamel erosion is severe enough to cause multiple dental problems.

Soda and fruit juices also contain acid; however, they are healthier to gulp than energy drinks. According to researchers at the University of Iowa, energy drinks erode enamel faster than soda and fruit juices. This enamel erosion can cause both structural and cosmetic dental problems. Those who have enamel erosion should visit Dr. Elyson, Northridge dentist, to have the problem treated before it becomes worse. All those who choose to consume energy drinks should know how badly the drinks affect teeth.

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