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Pediatric Dentist NorthridgeEvery parent wants the best for their children, but many are unaware of the importance of regular dental appointments with our pediatric dentist in Northridge.  If you have recently had a child or are planning to do so, contact our dental office today to understand some of the most essential services and treatments that we offer patients of all ages in order to have great oral health and a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

A child’s oral health begins immediately after they are born.  All children should have a checkup with our Northridge pediatric dentist when their first tooth comes in or before their first birthday.  During these appointments our dentist in Northridge will thoroughly examine the gums so as to detect any number of abnormalities that may be occurring.  Even though the baby teeth will fall out, these formative years will lay the foundation for the adult teeth, and any serious issues with the gums or first teeth could cause problems at a later point.

As your pediatric dentist in Northridge we will also be able to offer you and your family some of the advanced services that children will need in order to keep their gums and teeth as healthy as possible throughout as they grow up.  This includes the use of fluoride treatments that will allow the enamel of the teeth to remain as healthy as possible.  While almost all tap water within California comes with a highly regulated amount of fluoride, children that are not exposed to the correct amount could struggle with any number of health issues, including tooth loss and dental decay.

If you and your family have not gone to a dental appointment in the last six months, give our Northridge pediatric dentist today.  We built our office on the philosophy that the patient’s health and happiness will always come first, and that is why we are proud to work with children of all ages.  Our dentist has trained diligently in order to be able to offer the leading treatments for kids including fluoride treatments, chairside teeth cleaning, and more.  Contact us today and take that first step in protecting your child’s oral health.

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