Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain CrownsIn former times, crowns were made entirely of metal, and while they were strong and durable, these metal crowns did not provide a very pleasing appearance in the mouth, especially if they had to be installed on front teeth. With modern technology, crowns can now be made of porcelain and other similar materials, resulting in a beautiful implant virtually identical to your existing teeth.

Why You Need Porcelain Crowns

When teeth are badly damaged, cracked, or filled to an extent that causes weakening of the tooth structure, crowns are a good option for strength and support. However, when front teeth need this type of support, a metal crown can be problematic. A porcelain crown will give you a tooth-like appearance while providing the strength needed for a permanent repair. Porcelain crowns can be implanted by our Northridge dentist, resulting in a beautiful facade indistinguishable from your existing teeth.

Older crowns required metal fusing to strengthen them and make them permanent. With new dental bonding procedures, crowns can now be installed directly on existing teeth. This not only results in more cosmetically pleasing work, but also allows normal chewing and biting without the interference sometimes caused by a metal crown, such as a metallic taste when eating certain foods or sensitivity when biting in certain positions.

Types of Porcelain Crowns

There are several types of porcelain crowns, and each is appropriate for certain types of repairs.

A ceric crown is a ceramic crown created by computer right in our dental office. These crowns are fitted precisely to the individual patient. Special skills are required to correctly produce ceric crowns.

Empress crowns are made of pressed ceramic, such as Procera, Ziconia, In-Ceram, and Feldspathic porcelain. Our Northridge cosmetic dentist is an expert in choosing the correct material for your crown, and can explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

For added strength and stability, some porcelain crowns are fused with a metal backing. While these crowns tend to be very durable, they may develop discoloration around the gum line and are not as translucent as pure porcelain crowns.

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