Preventing Tooth Stains from Wines

Preventing Tooth Stains from WinesWine is a liquid well-known for staining teeth. Whether it is red or white, wine is rich in tannins and acids, both of which can turn a bright smile into an unsightly one. For those who want a beautiful smile without giving up wine, taking certain steps may help prevent these stains.

Drink Wine With a Straw

While using a straw to drink wine may not be conventional, the practice can be surprisingly effective. Bypassing the front teeth with the straw means that wine has less of a chance to cause stains before continuing on to the stomach.

Wipe Your Teeth After Imbibing

Simply wiping away the wine that coats your teeth can help prevent stains from setting in. If you would prefer not to use a napkin, you can also buy wipes designed specifically for this purpose. A quick, discreet wipe here and there should be sufficient without drawing unwanted attention.

Avoid Brushing Immediately Afterwards

Brushing works well for preventing plaque build-up, which contributes to stains, but you should avoid brushing immediately after drinking wine. This is because the brushing action can worsen enamel loss in combination with the acids. Instead, swish with water right away and wait at least a half-hour before brushing.

Although wine can stain your smile, the steps listed here can help you avoid this effect. If you drink wine regularly, you may benefit from visiting our teeth whitening dentist to discuss your options. The results from office whitening arrive more quickly and last far longer than those from store-bought whitening products.

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