Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal TreatmentIn earlier times, when a tooth became infected, extraction was the normal course of treatment. Root canal treatments were developed to save teeth which used to be routinely extracted. Our Northridge dentist can perform painless and professional root canals on teeth that might formerly have been lost.

Root canals occur when a tooth is breached by decay or a crack. Bacteria can collect at this point and enter the pulp, or center part, of the tooth. If this situation is left untreated, an abscess, or pocket of pus-like material, can form. This abscess can then invade the root of the tooth, causing deep-seated infection and swelling. This can be extremely painful and can destroy the interior of a tooth, leading to eventual tooth loss. The infection can also spread to other teeth or even to other parts of the body.

Our Northridge cosmetic dentist will discuss the options available to you if you need a root canal. Root canal procedures vary from cleaning the root of the tooth to replacement with a crown. Talk to our dentist to determine the severity of the infection and the options you have for saving the tooth with a root canal procedure.

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