Things That Can Cause Tooth Decay

Things That Can Cause Tooth DecayTooth decay is basically caused by sugar, but candy and soda are not the only food items that can cause cavities. In fact, a host of foods and even supplements can ruin your dental health if you are not careful. Here is a look at some surprising causes of tooth decay.

Chewable Vitamins

To make vitamins and minerals more palatable, many supplement companies have sweetened their chewable vitamins with sugar. Some chewable vitamin supplements are nearly identical to candy in terms of sugar content. Fortunately, you can still find artificially sweetened options if you prefer your supplements in chewable form.

Fruit Juice

Many fruit juices contain more than enough natural sugars to fuel tooth decay. The acidity of many options, such as orange and pineapple juices, can also erode enamel and make teeth even more prone to decay. Rinsing with water after drinking these juices can help prevent damage.

Starchy Foods

Starches do not directly feed the bacteria that cause tooth decay, but they are broken down into sugar by enzymes in saliva. At the same time, starches tend to stick around between teeth and feed oral bacteria for extended periods. Brushing after eating these foods is a great idea for minimizing cavity risk.

If you want to reduce your risk of tooth decay, you should keep a constant eye on what you eat and drink. Regular check-ups are also essential to make sure that decay is not already happening because of items like those listed here. At a consultation with our root canal dentist in Northridge, you can learn more about surprising cavity causes and how you can minimize your risk of needing treatment.

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