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Tooth-Colored Restorations (Fillings)

Tooth-Colored Restorations FillingsOur Northridge cosmetic dentist specializes in a new procedure known as “tooth-colored restoration” which can exactly match your fillings to the color of your teeth, providing a more uniform and attractive appearance.

What are White Fillings?

Traditional fillings are made of silver amalgam, which is strong and durable but has the disadvantage of being highly visible in the mouth. Our Northridge dentist uses white fillings which are composed of composite resin. This composite gives the filling a white color and makes it virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth.

Removing and Replacing Silver Amalgam Fillings

While most patients choose tooth-colored fillings for new cavities, many patients are also choosing to have their old silver fillings removed and replaced by tooth-colored fillings for a more uniform and pleasing appearance, especially in areas where fillings are visible. Removal and replacement of silver amalgam fillings is generally easy and relatively quick. The new fillings are durable and much more attractive in appearance.

Side Effects of Silver Amalgam Fillings

Recent research has shown that silver amalgam fillings can have possible toxic side-effects on the body. The mercury in silver amalgam fillings may enter the bloodstream over time, causing health problems. Tooth-colored fillings do not contain mercury, and may be safer for you than silver amalgam. While appearance is important, the best reason to choose tooth-colored fillings may be the health benefits.

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