What You Should Know about Dry Mouth

What You Should Know about Dry MouthDry mouth, also called xerostomia, occurs when the mouth lacks saliva. While everyone runs out of saliva occasionally, some people develop a permanent case of dry mouth. Those who have this condition often develop other serious health problems. For example, xerostomia makes it harder to eat, drink and speak. In addition, dry mouth often leads to infections in the mouth such as tooth decay and gum disease.

When people have xerostomia, they usually experience a burning sensation in their mouth and have cracked lips. Some patients also develop ulcers in their mouth due to the lack of saliva. Having frequent bad breath is another dry mouth symptom. Anyone who experiences these symptoms should contact their dentist.

Saliva does more than just keep the mouth wet; it acts as a lubricant when speaking and eating. Along with that, saliva washes away plaque and keeps teeth from decaying. On average, healthy individuals produce three to four pints of saliva per day.

Patients experience a dry mouth for different reasons. Sometimes, it has to do with the type of medication they are taking. Once the cause is determined, Dr. Elyson, Northridge dentist, will have an easier time treating the problem. Those who have dry mouth experience tooth decay faster than the average person does. As a result, seeking treatment quickly is essential. Besides seeking treatment, people should brush and floss their teeth daily. Avoiding sweeteners in food and drinks can also help.

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