What You Should Know about Tooth Grinding

What You Should Know about Tooth GrindingTooth grinding, also known as bruxism, results from a variety of causes. Many individuals are unaware of their propensity to grind their teeth. Often, bruxism, which can involve grinding of the molars or their incisors, is done subconsciously. In particular, individuals who grind their teeth at night are usually unsuspecting, although a partner may be awoken by the loud noise that can result from bruxism.

Understanding bruxism begins with comprehending the basic action of chewing. A neuro-muscular activity, chewing involves reflexive nerve pathways. When an individual is asleep, these reflexes can cause a chewing mechanism to be engaged. As a result, individuals who suffer from bruxism often display teeth that are chipped, bruised, or worn out. Sufferers can experience complication such as infections in the teeth. Dr. Elyson, Northridge dentist, expresses that many individuals also report headaches and jaw pain due to the pressure exercised by bruxism.

While research has been unable to pin down the cause of bruxism, many theorize that it can result from digestive disorders, emotional strain, or even aggressive behavior. Dr. Assili, Northridge Invisalign provider, indicates that individuals suffering from bruxism often display teeth that lack proper alignment.

Individuals who suffer from bruxism should look for the telltale symptoms such as wear of the tooth, loose teeth, pain in the face muscles, and unexplained headaches. Individuals who think they might be grinding their teeth should visit their dentist for a treatment plan. Often, the habit can be broken and in some circumstance, medicine or a dental cap may be prescribed.

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