Wisdom Teeth Removal Canoga Park

Wisdom Teeth Removal Canoga ParkMost people see their wisdom teeth emerge during late adolescence or early adulthood, and many must have these molars removed. Under certain conditions, wisdom teeth can cause serious problems for patients, and extraction eliminates the problems completely. Fortunately, the extraction process is routine and is easy for patients to tolerate. You can learn more about wisdom teeth removal in Canoga Park below, including why it is done, how it works, and what happens afterwards.

What Makes Wisdom Teeth Extraction Necessary?

Existing or potential problems may prompt our expert to recommend wisdom teeth removal. In many patients, wisdom teeth emerge improperly and place patients at risk of oral health problems. For instance, these molars may erupt at an angle, creating spaces between the molars and the gums, neighboring teeth, or both. This can allow food and bacteria to build up, and possibly cause cavities and gum disease. The molars may also push against other teeth, potentially breaking or moving them out of position over time. The difficulty of brushing the wisdom teeth, especially if they are only partly erupted, further increases risks of tooth decay and infections.

How Does Wisdom Teeth Extraction Work?

Before wisdom teeth removal begins, Canoga Park patients receive local anesthesia to ensure a painless experience. If patients are eligible and opt for sedation, our dentist also administers the chosen form beforehand. Incisions are made in the gums in order to access to the tooth roots, and special tools may be used to loosen the molars before forceps are used to pull the molars out. If necessary, our dentist may break the wisdom teeth into sections to remove them easier. Finally, the gums are stitched closed and patients are instructed about recovery.

Recovery is similar to after other tooth extraction procedures. Patients should avoid hard foods at first, favor softer nourishment, and be sure they are eating enough to support proper healing. Antibiotics are prescribed to prevent infection in the extraction sites, and pain relievers will likely be prescribed, as well. Canoga Park patients who want to learn more about the wisdom teeth removal process can schedule a consultation with Dr. Elyson and Dr. Assili at their Northridge office.

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