Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth RemovalRemoval of wisdom teeth is one of the most common dental surgical procedures, and our Northridge dentist can painlessly help you with this problem. Our dentist will assess the growth of your wisdom teeth through examination and determine the optimum time for removal. Regular dental visits and pro-active oral hygiene practices will help you have a stress-free wisdom teeth experience.

While almost everyone grows wisdom teeth, more and more people find that their jawbones will not accommodate these last molars, and they become impacted, or grow crookedly in the jaw, pushing on the other teeth and possibly misaligning them. Impacted wisdom teeth are more susceptible to cavities, and can cause pain as they push against the other teeth. There are a total of four of these molars, although some people never develop more than two or three.

Signs of wisdom tooth impaction include pain, cavities in the back teeth, and visible misalignment of other teeth. If you experience any of these symptoms, consult with our Northridge cosmetic dentist immediately for an evaluation.

As with any dental surgery, wisdom tooth extractions can have complications, such as dry socket, in which the hole created by the extraction becomes painful, or infection caused by trapped debris. However, with careful monitoring by our dentists, these complications can be avoided or minimized. We will provide you with a painless and pleasant experience that minimizes your discomfort.

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