Wisdom Tooth Removal Granada Hills

Wisdom Tooth Removal Granada HillsWisdom teeth are notorious for causing and contributing to many dental problems. When these molars do not erupt properly, patients may develop cavities, gum disease, infections, and tooth damage. Some patients are deemed at risk for this before eruption occurs and are advised to receive wisdom tooth removal early. The procedure to remove wisdom teeth is sometimes dreaded by Granada Hills patients who do not know what is involved, so a look at why and how this is done can be worthwhile.

Basics of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Before wisdom tooth removal can be performed, Granada Hills patients receive X-rays that establish how these molars are situated and how they should be removed. The extraction is done under dental sedation, ensuring that patients are free of pain during the experience.

Some wisdom teeth are removed similarly to how many other teeth are, using a tool to loosen the molars and forceps to pull them out of their sockets. Many wisdom teeth, however, are removed surgically. This involves making incisions in the gums and possibly dividing the molars into pieces. After the procedure, our dentist sutures the incisions closed.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Wisdom teeth are frequently impacted, which essentially means that they do not erupt as they should. Instead of erupting completely and straight out of the gums, the molars may be partly erupted or facing forward, backward, or sideways. Some patients do not seek wisdom tooth removal until problems have already developed. Cavities are known to develop in these patients, partly because the wisdom teeth are difficult to keep clean at the back of the mouth. Gum disease and gum infections can also occur, particularly if the wisdom teeth are not fully erupted. Impacted wisdom teeth can also push other teeth out of alignment or even break neighboring teeth.

A variety of situations can make wisdom tooth removal necessary. Whether the procedure resembles a simple tooth extraction or more complex oral surgery, it will help preserve oral health and prevent complications. Patients in Granada Hills can schedule a consultation with our dentist to find out if their wisdom teeth need to be removed.

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