Wisdom Tooth Removal Porter Ranch

Wisdom Tooth Removal Porter RanchDental extraction is often necessary for teeth that are badly damaged or decayed. In the case of wisdom teeth, however, removal can become essential even if neither decay nor physical trauma has occurred. Depending on the patient, wisdom tooth removal may be performed for preventive reasons or after problems become apparent. Here, you can learn more about reasons for removing the wisdom teeth of Porter Ranch patients.

Preventive Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Exams sometimes reveal that patients are likely to experience problems from their emerging wisdom teeth. For example, there may not be enough space for the wisdom teeth to erupt properly. In other cases, patients may benefit from wisdom tooth removal before they get braces. If the wisdom teeth were left in place in these situations, neighboring teeth could be pushed out of position or bite correction might be thwarted.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction After Problems Occur

Many wisdom teeth start causing problems soon after they erupt. Some wisdom teeth, for example, only partly emerge from the gums or are tilted forwards, backwards, or sideways. Crevices where food and bacteria can collect may develop in such situations, or gum tissue overhanging the molars may become abraded and infected. Wisdom teeth can also prove difficult to clean, resulting in cavities and gum disease that can spread throughout the mouth.

How Wisdom Teeth Are Removed

Some wisdom teeth can be loosened and then removed with forceps, which are like pliers. However, many wisdom tooth removal procedures require making incisions in the gums, especially when the wisdom teeth are improperly erupted. These cases also may require dividing the wisdom teeth into pieces before removal. By using local anesthesia and providing sedation to eligible patients who desire it, Dr. Assili and Dr. Elyson ensure that Porter Ranch patients find the experience comfortable and easy to tolerate.

Because wisdom teeth so commonly cause problems for patients, an exam is always beneficial to determine whether extraction may be necessary. When patients do need wisdom tooth removal, they can relax thanks to modern techniques, local anesthesia, and sedation options. Porter Ranch patients can contact our dental office in Northridge to learn more about our wisdom tooth extraction services.

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