Dental Cleaning Northridge

Dental cleaning is performed at regular check-ups alongside an exam of the teeth and gums. Besides helping to prevent oral health issues, these cleaning sessions carry cosmetic benefits for patients who want their smile to shine. After learning more about this service and its benefits, you may feel even more encouraged to visit our Northridge dental cleaning dentist for biannual check-ups.

Office cleaning offers important maintenance for teeth on top of what brushing and flossing provide. With professional tools, techniques and experience, our expert in dental cleaning in Northridge can clear most food particles and bacteria from the teeth in very little time. This reduces risks of cavities and gum disease between check-ups. Although professional cleaning cannot remove the heaviest tooth stains, it can reduce or eliminate many milder stains caused by foods and beverages.

Dental Cleaning Northridge

Our Northridge dental cleaning dentist may use a number of tools to achieve impressive results during routine visits. Scaling instruments, either manual or electronic, are used to scrape plaque and tartar from the teeth. Next, a special paste is used with a rotating tool to polish the tooth enamel. On top of its ability to remove light stains, this step leaves the enamel smooth and less prone to plaque accumulation afterwards. Finally, flossing is performed to clear grime out from between teeth.

Most patients should have their teeth cleaned professionally at least twice each year, but this can vary depending on certain factors. For example, patients with a history of gum disease or other oral health issues may be advised to get check-ups more frequently. By contrast, patients whose teeth and gums tend towards excellent health may not need cleanings as often. Our expert in dental cleaning in Northridge may also adjust cleaning recommendations for individuals as their needs change.

Between professional cleanings, you should brush and floss your teeth every day to minimize stains, decay and gum disease. Our dentist can also give you personalized advice at regular check-ups to address your unique risk factors. At a consultation with our Northridge dentist, you can learn more about dental cleaning and how often you should receive it.

Dental X Rays NorthridgeDental X-rays are among the greatest advances in modern dentistry. Because this technology lets our Northridge dental X-rays expert spot problems that are not visible to the unaided eye, early treatment can often be performed for the best prognosis. From routine check-ups to surgery preparation, dental X-rays have plenty of applications. Here is a look at what dental X-rays can detect, when they are used and what types are common.

Several health issues can be detected in the mouth with X-rays. Tooth decay can be caught when it is still microscopic or when it develops between teeth. Pockets of bacteria within the gums, seen in cases of gum disease, can also be found with dental X-rays. Our expert in dental X-rays in Northridge can also catch oral cancer, broken fillings and bone changes using this technology.

Dental X-Rays Northridge

X-rays may be used routinely, such as during exams, or in the planning phases of treatments. Regular check-ups often include X-rays, especially for new patients, so that previously undetected issues can be found and addressed. Before root canal therapy, our Northridge dental X-rays expert uses X-rays to determine where to drill into a tooth so its infection can be removed. X-rays are useful during dental implant consultations to confirm that the jaws have enough mass to support implants.

Several types of X-rays are common, but some are used more often than others. For example, bitewing X-rays are frequently used during check-ups to inspect the teeth for cavities and infections. Periapical X-rays are useful for detailed views of the mouth while occlusal X-rays can be used to check the roof and floor of the mouth. With digital X-rays, our expert in dental X-rays in Northridge can easily access the resulting images on computer.

Modern dental X-rays emit far less radiation than old-fashioned machines did. As a result, patients can count on avoiding major risks from this highly beneficial tool. By scheduling a consultation with our dentist in Northridge, patients can learn more about how X-rays are used in dental care.

Dental ExamDental exams are essential in any oral health plan. At these check-ups, our Northridge dental exam expert examines the mouth for signs of oral and systemic problems. If issues are found, treatment recommendations can be made to promote the best prognosis. Here is a look at what happens at check-ups, which should be scheduled twice each year for most patients.

Our expert in dental exam in Northridge always performs an exam by eye to look for issues that are visible. Potentially visible oral health problems include larger cavities, tooth wear, gum disease and oral cancer. Dental X-rays are also performed, allowing our dentist to find many problems that cannot otherwise be seen. Besides oral health issues, certain systemic health problems can be found at exams.

Dental Exam Northridge

Thanks to X-rays, our Northridge dental exam expert can spot microscopic cavities so that early treatment can be performed. Infections involving teeth and soft tissue can also be spotted this way. In addition to oral cancer, our dentist can spot pre-cancerous lesions that warrant further investigation by a doctor. Tooth decay can indicate diabetes in at-risk patients, and chronic dry mouth and its complications, such as cavities and gum disease, can raise the possibility of certain autoimmune disorders.

Home dental hygiene should be accompanied by regular professional cleanings for the best oral health. During these cleanings, our dentist flosses the crevices between teeth and polishes the tooth surfaces. Polishing not only clears the teeth of plaque and tartar but also minimizes or eliminates light stains. If gum disease is present, our expert in dental exam in Northridge may also perform deep cleaning. This involves using special tools to scrape the teeth beneath the gums, where food particles and bacteria tend to build up.

Regular dental check-ups play a major part in prevention of oral and systemic health problems. Because check-ups also include professional cleaning, patients enjoy an added level of protection thanks to these visits. Patients can schedule a consultation with our Northridge dentist to learn more about what happens at dental exams and how often they should get check-ups.


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