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TMJ NorthridgeTMJ, the common term for temporomandibular joint disorder, is a condition affecting the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull. Patients with this condition experience a variety of symptoms, including pain in early stages and immobility later on. Thanks to research into TMJ, the condition is now fairly well understood and can be resolved reliably in many cases. Here are the symptoms and causes of this condition and how it may be treated by Dr. Assili, our Northridge TMJ treatment expert.

When TMJ starts to develop, patients commonly experience pain in and around the jaw joints. Audible clicking may also occur in these joints, especially when patients speak and chew. Over time, localized pain can spread to the head, face, and neck. Patients may also experience the inability to open or close their mouth as the joints essentially lock in place.

TMJ Treatment Northridge

A variety of issues can be to blame for TMJ. These issues include arthritis, which affects joints throughout the body, as well as injury and dislocation of the jaw joints. Patients whose teeth or jaws are misaligned are also more prone to the condition. Teeth grinding, a condition that can be diagnosed by our expert in TMJ treatment in Northridge based on tooth wear, also frequently causes jaw joint strain leading to TMJ.

How TMJ is treated depends on its cause. For example, patients whose TMJ resulted from teeth grinding may benefit from wearing oral appliances at night to protect the teeth and jaws. Anti-anxiety medications may also address this form of TMJ. Many TMJ sufferers benefit from avoiding very hard or chewy foods and using jaw-strengthening exercises. For advanced cases, our Northridge TMJ treatment expert may recommend localized anti-inflammatory treatment or surgery.

TMJ can affect quality of life drastically, preventing patients from speaking and eating as they normally would. While the condition sometimes disappears eventually, patients often benefit from visiting our expert in TMJ treatment in Northridge to have the condition assessed. In addition to ruling out causes of the condition, our Northridge dentist can determine the best course of treatment to eliminate discomfort and restore quality of life.

Laser Gum Treatment NorthridgeGum disease is rampant in the United States, where about half of adults suffer from the condition. Unfortunately, traditional treatments for gum disease have often involved invasive surgery and considerable inconvenience. Now, lasers are being used in periodontal care to enhance treatment and ease recovery. Here is a look at how Dr. Assili, our Northridge laser gum treatment expert, is now addressing gum disease with this technology.

The latest laser tools for periodontal care can be used for a variety of procedures and eliminates bleeding during treatment. Dr. Assili uses the Precise LTM, an innovative laser device from CAO Group, Inc., a renowned leader in laser technology. The laser features stainless steel that is simple to sanitize and can easily reach the rear areas of the gums.

Laser Gum Treatment Northridge

There are several advantages of choosing this option from our expert in laser gum treatment in Northridge. Discomfort is minimized, and the need for pain relief is reduced or even eliminated. Healthy tissues surrounding the treatment area are left untouched, and the gum line remains intact. After procedures, patients benefit from faster recovery, bone regeneration, and better chances of permanent relief from gum disease.

Most patients are eligible to receive this treatment offered by our Northridge laser gum treatment expert. Furthermore, certain patients are especially good candidates for laser care. For example, patients whose gums are swollen or bleeding can benefit from laser treatment. Thanks to the lack of bleeding during laser gum treatment provided by our dentist in Northridge, patients who take blood thinners can more safely have their gum disease addressed this way. The improved comfort offered by lasers makes them ideal for patients with anxiety about dental treatment. Finally, lasers work well for patients with loose teeth, and those with infections or bone loss surrounding their dental implants.

A host of systemic diseases have been linked to untreated gum disease, including heart disease and diabetes. Now that laser treatment is available, patients can resolve this condition more safely, comfortably, and conveniently. Patients who visit Dr. Assili, our expert in laser gum treatment in Northridge, benefit from the latest equipment and techniques in this specialty.

Dental Cleaning Northridge

Dental cleaning is performed at regular check-ups alongside an exam of the teeth and gums. Besides helping to prevent oral health issues, these cleaning sessions carry cosmetic benefits for patients who want their smile to shine. After learning more about this service and its benefits, you may feel even more encouraged to visit our Northridge dental cleaning dentist for biannual check-ups.

Office cleaning offers important maintenance for teeth on top of what brushing and flossing provide. With professional tools, techniques and experience, our expert in dental cleaning in Northridge can clear most food particles and bacteria from the teeth in very little time. This reduces risks of cavities and gum disease between check-ups. Although professional cleaning cannot remove the heaviest tooth stains, it can reduce or eliminate many milder stains caused by foods and beverages.

Dental Cleaning Northridge

Our Northridge dental cleaning dentist may use a number of tools to achieve impressive results during routine visits. Scaling instruments, either manual or electronic, are used to scrape plaque and tartar from the teeth. Next, a special paste is used with a rotating tool to polish the tooth enamel. On top of its ability to remove light stains, this step leaves the enamel smooth and less prone to plaque accumulation afterwards. Finally, flossing is performed to clear grime out from between teeth.

Most patients should have their teeth cleaned professionally at least twice each year, but this can vary depending on certain factors. For example, patients with a history of gum disease or other oral health issues may be advised to get check-ups more frequently. By contrast, patients whose teeth and gums tend towards excellent health may not need cleanings as often. Our expert in dental cleaning in Northridge may also adjust cleaning recommendations for individuals as their needs change.

Between professional cleanings, you should brush and floss your teeth every day to minimize stains, decay and gum disease. Our dentist can also give you personalized advice at regular check-ups to address your unique risk factors. At a consultation with our Northridge dentist, you can learn more about dental cleaning and how often you should receive it.

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry NorthridgeLasers first made their appearance in dentistry more than 20 years ago, and their dental uses and benefits have continued to grow. Thanks to the precision and intensity of laser beams, dental lasers work well for many procedures, improve comfort, and reduce recovery time. Here is a look at the advantages of this technology and how it is used.

The accuracy of lasers allows them to treat areas with precision without damaging surrounding healthy tissues. Thanks to the energy contained by a laser beam, lasers also can actually close wounds during treatment, minimizing bleeding and eliminating the need for sutures. This also means that tissue regeneration happens more quickly and bacterial infections are less likely to occur. Finally, the lack of damage during laser treatment can reduce the need for anesthesia or even render it unnecessary.

Laser Dentistry Northridge

laser dentistry northridge 01Our cosmetic dentist in Northridge may use lasers for treatments involving hard tissues, such as the teeth, or soft tissues, such as the gums. Lasers work well for detecting cavities and killing the bacteria before fillings are placed. Gum reshaping, for both lengthening and shortening the gums, can also be achieved with lasers. Lasers are also used for fast teeth whitening, benign tumor removal, and treatment of TMJ and sleep apnea.

Lasers bring many benefits to patients, but this technology is best received from a dentist trained to use them. Patients can schedule a consultation at our office to find out how our dentist uses lasers for diagnosis and treatment.

Our office is equipped with Diode Laser, which allows us to perform laser gum treatment and gum recontouring without using a blade. There’s less pain, less bleeding, and the laser can kill many of the bacteria in the area. We also use the Diode Laser for Bacterial Reduction in patients with periodontal diseases.


Dental X Rays NorthridgeDental X-rays are among the greatest advances in modern dentistry. Because this technology lets our Northridge dental X-rays expert spot problems that are not visible to the unaided eye, early treatment can often be performed for the best prognosis. From routine check-ups to surgery preparation, dental X-rays have plenty of applications. Here is a look at what dental X-rays can detect, when they are used and what types are common.

Several health issues can be detected in the mouth with X-rays. Tooth decay can be caught when it is still microscopic or when it develops between teeth. Pockets of bacteria within the gums, seen in cases of gum disease, can also be found with dental X-rays. Our expert in dental X-rays in Northridge can also catch oral cancer, broken fillings and bone changes using this technology.

Dental X-Rays Northridge

X-rays may be used routinely, such as during exams, or in the planning phases of treatments. Regular check-ups often include X-rays, especially for new patients, so that previously undetected issues can be found and addressed. Before root canal therapy, our Northridge dental X-rays expert uses X-rays to determine where to drill into a tooth so its infection can be removed. X-rays are useful during dental implant consultations to confirm that the jaws have enough mass to support implants.

Several types of X-rays are common, but some are used more often than others. For example, bitewing X-rays are frequently used during check-ups to inspect the teeth for cavities and infections. Periapical X-rays are useful for detailed views of the mouth while occlusal X-rays can be used to check the roof and floor of the mouth. With digital X-rays, our expert in dental X-rays in Northridge can easily access the resulting images on computer.

Modern dental X-rays emit far less radiation than old-fashioned machines did. As a result, patients can count on avoiding major risks from this highly beneficial tool. By scheduling a consultation with our dentist in Northridge, patients can learn more about how X-rays are used in dental care.

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